Sunday, February 06, 2005

Network Problems - 1845 Cayuga Co census (partial)

Have been having nightmarish computer problems of my own. It all started a few days ago when I decided to set up a homeoffice network with three desktop computers and a wireless laptop. Lots of luck. One machine will not go on the web no matter what I try, the main system that I use all the time started hiccuping also and then my main email reader, OUTLOOK, seemed to not be working. To top it all off it appears as though the rootsweb mailing servers must be down. I subscribe to dozens of mail lists and generally get a couple hundred emails a day. I have only received a handful in the past three days and a couple of those that rigidly found their way through the ether were Viagara commercials. The webmail services still seem to work ok, but not the pop service.

I am now using my laptop directly into the satellite modem, no network, and am trying to get caught up with backed up messages to respond to. If I owe you a response please bear with me. I will get to it.

Thanks to Karen in Florida I now know that there are some segments of an 1845 NYS census for some parts of Cayuga County to add to my list of NYS Census available. I'll put the details on the website.

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