Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well I have been working on many different genealogy projects lately and need to update my BLOG.

VANDERVEER, my grandmother's family. Have been updating items on relatively modern people by using 1920, 1930 census, FindUSA on, newspaper obits in digital format and jpg images of newspaper pages from Godfrey, as well as jpg format from the Post Standard Archive.

Many of these I have been transcribing and then entering into my Legacy genealogy program. It is just amazing the amount of data that is coming on-line from either free access or subscription service.

I have not yet updated my website at but intend to soon. There will not be too many changes because the more modern details are not published on the website, but are available to those that are closely related through contact by email at

Other surnames worked on recently: HILLENBRAND, COSTELLO, GIFFORD, CHASE, GORNEY, and others too numerous to mention at this time.

At the suggestion of Dick Eastman at I have decided to try the new version 2.0 of OpenOffice. This is a fast program that replaces the MICROSOFT Office family of products, and it is totally FREE! It has the ability to open and save files in the MS format if needed and seems to be working OK so far. If you want to try it yourself here is the link.

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