Monday, November 07, 2005

Evil Bandwidth problem, "guru", Princeton University Census Info, LDS Digitizing Project Response, Mom always liked my Brother Best

Well we have been running into the evil bandwidth problem. Now that my website is being seen by more people (good), it is creating a situation where I will have to cough up some more bucks per month if I stay with the present web host (bad).

My computer guru, Steve Gorney at is a genius entrepreneur who has done many high tech projects and started a multi million dollar company from scratch and is now doing computer consulting and business consulting at his site above. Well anyway, we think we might have a way around this bandwidth problem. He is going to teach me JOOMLA! (Good luck), and then we will transport the data over from the company that wants to extort more money out of me to a much larger and friendlier server at s-go.

I have no idea how long this is going to take, but I will keep readers advised. Hopefully it will all be seamless and the website address will NOT change, but it will have a new look and hopefully a streamlined presentation. In the mean time the current website is still up but occasionally you might experience a little slow down in the response until we soup it all up on the new servers.

Stay tuned.

Princeton University has a very interesting site that describes the Federal Census. It is quite detailed, for instance if you want to know what questions are asked on each census it has a hot link to the answer. Should be quite handy for anyone scheming a census pursuit.

We were away all day on a little non-genealogy trip and when I got home I was shocked by the responses my announcement of the LDS digitizing book project on-line at BYU created. All of them were favorable and with thanks other than someone who said, not news to them. Well it was news to me and apparently to many of you as well!

This is truly a major Big DEAL! We all have heard rumblings about it and also about the fabulous microfilm indexing project, which is another story, but this is here and now and we can all benefit. Thank you LDS!!!

Some of you have made me sort of not blush but feel REAL GOOD about my lost hunter story. Thanks to all of you who were so concerned. You people always reinforce my love for this hobby/passion/madness. \g/

It sort of reminds me about my “much older brother” who rode across the United States from the Pacific Ocean in the State of Washington to central New York near Syracuse one summer (at age 62) when he makes the statement that “There are a LOT more good people in the United States than bad ones.”

Mom always liked him best incidentally.

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