Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Library of Congress - Andersonville Prison - Newsletter - WW I Atlas

Here we go again… The Library of Congress in their “American Memory Project” already has over 10 million items digitized. These consist of Americana in the form of books, maps, manuscripts, audio visual and other items of usefulness to researchers. Their second huge project launched in the year 2000 was labeled a “Global Gateway” was a collaboration with five national libraries in Europe and Brazil to digitize many more items of importance.

Now the Library of Congress has announced today that they are planning to work with much of the rest, or larger part of the world, to build inter-linking digital libraries in most foreign countries around the world. Google (you’ve heard of them) helped to kick the project off by donating 3 million dollars and the L/C will be looking to attract further private funding to achieve this massive undertaking.

You can read all about it at this news release. It just keeps getting better and better…

Kevin Frye of Butler , Georgia has volunteered to do look ups for FREE for anyone who has ancestors that might have ever spent time in Andersonville Prison during the Civil War. Kevin works as a part time historian and volunteer at Andersonville and has the newest revision of the historic data base on his own computer at home. You may contact him through his website. . Be patient, it takes a while for the website to open even with high speed bandwidth, but it is well worth the wait.

The Newsletter for the Upstate New York Genealogy (UNYG) will be coming out the week after Thanksgiving. There will be many new items of interest that we have not yet discussed before. Subscribe now on the website. Remember you MUST confirm the subscription when you receive the welcome message. No one else will see your email address as we hold all subscriptions in strictest confidence; see our privacy policy at .

Our friend Dave Rowell that I have discussed before is sending me maps that he has been scanning from a World War I Atlas. Most of these maps will be of other parts of the world, but the one for America will include New York, so I have happily agreed to post these maps on the website when all of the parts are received. I’ll make an announcement when they go on-line.

I will not be blogging for a few days, as we are taking some time to be with family and other loved ones. After the burps subside I’ll be back.

Enjoy your family get together and all the best to all readers. Over the River and Through the Woods… OK, it might be a song for the Christmas season, but it still seems to fit.

We are VERY thankful!

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