Friday, November 04, 2005

Rochester Public Library, Renee Zamora, 86th NY Vols. St. Lawrence Co. Hist. Assn., Mayflower

Received a nice note from Mr. Larry Naukam, “aka, Larry N the LibraryN” , the head of the local history and genealogy division of the Rochester NY Public Library.

They are hard at work bringing many more things on-line as you will see from the excerpt of his note about their Rochester City Directories.

We have them on-line now from 1827-1869; the coders and camera folk are hard at
work to get a decade up every couple of weeks, and we set a goal of getting
to 1900 by year's end, with the scanned directories running through 1930
before we move on to other nice stuff - like the 500,000 entries in the 19th
century newspaper index! “

I can't wait!


Renee Zamora has a nice BLOG that has a lot of information about Upstate New York, where she hails from. I chatted with her a little and was able to help her with some information on a WETHERWAX family in the Old Cambridge District.


Terri & Doug Olszowy are working on an in-depth study of the 86th NY Vols.

My husband & I are researching the regimental history of the 86th NY Volunteer Infantry (Civil War). Co A of the 86th NY came from the Syracuse/Onondaga area. We are trying to locate any letters & diaries that discuss the regiment. One name of major importance would be Benjamin L. Higgins. Originally a firefighter in Syracuse, he served as Company commander for Co A and as Colonel of the Regiment before being discharged for disability.”

If anyone has any information for them just let me know and I'll put you in touch.


Joe Makowiec, the webmaster for the St. Lawrence Co. Historical Association, contacted me as he found out we are 10th cousins through Francis COOKE and he invites all to their website at

They have a very nice Civil War Research Page on their site as well, and his complete documented genealogy to several Mayflower lines may be found at


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