Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crisis! Stop Demoliton of Nelson House in Dutchess County, NOW!!! - Newsletter Subscribers MUST confirm!

To the readers of the ny-genes blog:

There is a crisis at hand. Tomorrow, December 1st, the legislators of Dutchess County are voting to destroy a colonial landmark home, Nelson House, that is on their property. If you want to do history a favor, PLEASE!!! Write to the legislature tonight or first thing in the morning to encourage them to vote NO for now and give the local historians a chance to come up with a rescue plan.

Here is the content of an email that I forwarded to the legislature tonight and hope that you readers of this blog will send some kind of a simple message as well. You do not have to be a resident of Dutchess County to send a message of support for the stopping of the demolition.

“To the Legislators of Dutchess County, New York.

Please do NOT destroy NELSON HOUSE!

This is such a crisis!

Do not vote to destroy an important piece of history that will benefit you, your children and many generations to come. Table this matter and give the concerned local citizens and other interested parties a chance to come up with a plan to salvage and restore a beautiful landmark.

You have in nearby
Garrison, NY a magnificent Federal Style mansion museum named BOSCOBEL RESTORATION. This was a home that the demolition had literally started on when there was an "eleventh hour" (or perhaps midnight plus hour) rescue!

A group of serious historians were able to rescue it after it had actually started to be demolished. The rescuers had to actually go to the demolition contractor's storage yard on Long Island to retrieve some of the magnificent columns and carvings to be able to restore the fantastic home to its’ original condition. It took a while and it did not happen over night, but it is now a world class museum. But the important thing is that the demolition of Nelson House must absolutely be stopped NOW!

I can not even begin to tell you how much this gorgeous mansion, BOSCOBEL, has given enormous pleasure to historians, tourists, antique and arts lovers, world-wide!

If you do an Internet search under tourism (equates to dollars!), history, culture, arts, antiques, museum, Federal period, etc. You will find information on BOSCOBEL.

You need to halt all demolition proceedings of Nelson House NOW!!!

You have the possibility to create a visitor's point of major importance that will benefit your county and local businesses for ever to come.

Wishing you all the very best for your county and your citizens.

Richard Hillenbrand – website:
(Former Director of the Onondaga Historical Association,
Syracuse, NY)”

Here is the email link to the Dutchess County Legislators:

Here is a link to some information on Boscobel Restoration:

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