Friday, December 16, 2005

DATA / IMAGES button on our website

Perhaps some of the readers of our Newsletter do not realize that the complete scanned book of the 1846 Town of Vernon Tax Assessors List is now available on our website.

Go to “DATA / IMAGES” – “Oneida County” – “Oneida County Data” and then you will see the actual handwritten pages of the Tax List. These should be able to be printed out if you want to take them with you to a library or for further study.

We have had one exciting success story so far. One lady wrote that she found her ancestor located in Vernon in 1846 when she thought he had been in the Town of Litchfield, Herkimer County from previous research. She was going to do further land record research and give us a report, which I will publish.

A note about the “DATA / IMAGES” button on our home page, is that we intend to be bringing you many types of photos, prints, postcards, documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, maps, etc., etc., in the future. They will be available as soon as posted on the website and will be arranged by first the “County” and then the “Location”.

Keep checking back.


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