Friday, December 09, 2005

Scanning postcards - Snow up here

I have been scanning many more postcards from various Upstate locations and will be posting them on the website soon. The arrangement will be by “county – location – file number”. This will be a long time project that I will be working with off and on. I think you will get some good use out of them.

We have about a foot and a half of new snow in the driveway and I have to make the decision, to either go and snow-blow the driveway or play on the computer.

Decision made. Brrrr. Stayin’ in.

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Val said...

I loved your "decision" about the snow-blowing. I have a huge collection of post cards, and have been wondering how to display them online. I will be watching to see how yours looks. Some of my cards are unused, and others were mailed, but either way there is so much genealogy information in those cards.