Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Darcis Place Oriskany Battle - Our UNYG website is back to normal

Darci has added a very nice item to her website for those with early Mohawk Valley families and those interested in the Battle of Oriskany. Here is a list of all of the known men that participated in the battle with reference to their town of origin.


For those of you who have written to us about the change in the UNYG website, we finally figured out what had happened and have repaired it. The domain name had run out and we did not know it because the email address that we used originally is no longer valid and they had no way to notify us. Anyway, all should be back to normal in a few hours. The newsletter is coming out real soon now.

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Darci said...

Thank you for posting a link to the updated Oriskany Roster, provided by author Nelson Greene in 1925.

Your site is rich in content and provides researchers with a host of multiple resources.