Tuesday, February 21, 2006

German Emigration Search Site

If you have German ancestors that came from South Western Germany, there is a new search site at the Baden-Wurttemberg Archives where you can do some serious searching for persons that were recorded as emigrating from there. You get the persons' name, year of emigration, recorded destination, and the last residence. The website is in the English language also which is a big help for those of us that do not speak or read German.

I know the information on my own grandfather already, and he was not listed anyway, but I did locate information on one of his mother's brothers, and have many other familiar surnames of known ancestors that came from the same small town that gramp came from, so will have a lot of new lines to work on.

Here is the website: http://www.auswanderer-bw.de/sixcms/detail.php?template=a_artikel&id=6591&sprache=en&PHPSESSID=8a98d34865e46d95a774b369b2bebaee

Have fun!

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy (UNYG)

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