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Accessible Archives - New York County Histories Digitized - Part 1

The following exciting news is in regard to the New York County Histories that are available now at Accessible Archives. More news to follow very soon!

These books have been digitized and are able to be searched by words or phrases.

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MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA (March 1, 2006):- ACCESSIBLE ARCHIVES, Inc., a publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases, announces plans to publish: “NEW YORK COUNTY HISTORIES as a part of the “AMERICAN COUNTY HISTORIES TO 1900” series. Part I is now available and contains over 10,000 pages of text and plates, from the New York counties listed below.

Most of these large volumes were published between 1870 and 1900 and have long formed the cornerstone of local historical and genealogical research. They are encyclopedic in scope and virtually limitless in their research possibilities.

These books included chapters which covered in great detail: local history, geology, geography, weather, transportation, lists of all local participants in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, government, medical and legal professions, churches and ministers, industry and manufacturing, banking and insurance, Schools and teachers, noted celebrations, fire departments and associations, cemeteries, family history, Health and vital statistics, roads and bridges, public officials and legislators, and many others.

The full text searchabilty, will permit the student/researcher to instantly explore all the publications of a particular county by using a single query. In addition, those wishing to read the text on a page by page basis, may do so in the original format by merely scrolling down the screen and then continuing to the next chapter. The Table of Contents is hyperlinked to each chapter as well as to each individual illustration. The user can select a particular graphic from the List of Illustrations, and proceed immediately to it by the merely clicking on the highlighted text.

This technology will eliminate the cumbersome task of reading each volume page by page to find a specific subject. The serious scholar as well as the casual researcher will find a wealth of useful and interesting materials contained in these unique databases.

NEW YORK COUNTY HISTORY (Part 1) (Southeast)

Cooper, J., History of Suffolk County. New York, W.W. Munsell, 1882. 488 pp.

Scharf, J. Thomas, History of Westchester County, 2 vols., Philadelphia, L.E. Preston, 1886. 772 pp.

History of Queens County, 1683-1882, New York, W.W. Munsell, 1882. 472 pp.

History of the Valley of the Hudson, 1609-1930, Ed. by Nelson Greene, 5 vols. Chicago, S.J. Clarke Pub. CO., 1931. 2935 pp.

Stiles, Henry R., The Civil, Political, Professional and Ecclesiastical History of the County of Kings and the City of Brooklyn from 1683 to 1884, 2 vols., Philadelphia, W.W. Munsell, 1884. 1408 pp.

Bayles, Richard M., History of Richmond County, Staten Island, New York, from its Discovery to the Present Time, 2 vols., New York, L.E. Preston & Co., 1887. 741 pp.

Green, Frank B., The History of Rockland County, New York, A.S. Barnes, 1886. 444 pp.

Pelletreau, W.S., History of Putnam County, Philadelphia, Preston & Co., 1886. 771 pp.

Ruttenber, E.M. & L.H. Clark, History of Orange County, 2 vols.,Philadelphia, Everts & Peck, 1881. 820 pp.

Quinlan, James E., History of Sullivan County, Liberty: Beebe & Morgans, 1873. 700 pp.

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