Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Our new url: - Rochester Cemetery Records on-line

Well we dit it! See our new url!

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We think that it should be easier to remember. "U"pstate "N"ew "Y"ork "G"enealogy=

Now here is a bit of excitement brought to our attention by Dick Halsey of Rochester. If you have any ancestors, or are interested in any burials in the Rochester cemeteries of Mt. Hope and Riverside Cemeteries, well now they are on-line. The Friends of Mt. Hope gave copies of the records to the University of Rochester and U of R put the records on-line. Plus there are fairly current records too. Included are records from the beginning of the cemeteries until 2002. These are not extracts, they are images of the original manuscript records. You will have to have a PDF plug-in for your browser to view the records. Go to:

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I tried, and I could not get it on Goggle. I found you again totally by accident in a round about way.