Saturday, January 19, 2008

psst, wanna find a locality?

Do you use epodunk?

A funny name, but easy to remember, this is a fast website that will help you in your genealogical pursuit.

It appears as though this site was not designed for genealogy, but it sure is helpful for researching your family tree! Whenever a location comes across this desk at Upstate New York Genealogy, that is not familiar, one of the first places that we go to is epodunk.

Well you might say that "this is just a commercial site for modern times," well then you have not yet taken advantage of some of the unique features that epodunk has to offer.

For instance, on the top right is a search box to enter a locality. Just type in a name of a town, city, village, or whatever, and then select the state. Now here is a special feature that is very helpful to Genealogaholics, click on the box that says "Add Former Names" and you will be amazed at how much information can be discovered so quickly.

If you only have a former name of a locality, then put that in the search box and epodunk will return the modern day location name.

So you get the page of info, what next? Well there is usually a representative image, often from an old postcard, of the community. You will immediately see a description of the location, be it a hamlet, village, town, city, etc. One of the most helpful things that you will immediately see is that the county is named!

You will get the latitude and longitude, the time zone, and the altitude. Then over on the left you will find items of interest like, ancestry, attractions, cemeteries, courts, historical societies, libraries, maps, obituaries, photos, postcards, and a whole lot more.

Scroll down and there will be a current version of a Google Map that you can pan and zoom, and also look at the area in map, satellite image, or hybrid modes.

There are a ton more features and we would like to hear from you as to how epodunk has helped you. As always, we want to hear from you about anything, so please add your comments at the bottom of this Blog.

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