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JOY – MACK – FLORIDAY – LANDERS Family Bible – 1852

Description of the Family record as transcribed of JOY – MACK – FLORIDAY – LANDERS Family Bible – 1852

The bible was badly worn and broken. The front title page to the Old Testament is lacking.

Inner title page:
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of the original Greek, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised ---
Philadelphia, Jesper Harding – 1852.


George Nelson JOY
Marid to Mary Ann FLORIDAY
July the 21th 1851

George Nelson JOY
Mared to Hanah Maria LANDERS September 23 1861

George Nelson JOY
Marid to Caraline Elizabeth MACK
June the 26th 1850


George Nelson JOY
Bornd May the 8th 1827

Born June the 1th 1830

William Henry JOY Born
Novenber the 12th 1852

Hannah Willety JOY
Borned March the 26th 1863

Nelson Elmer JOY
Borned Thursday
September th 17 1868

Caroline E. MACK
Borned 1834

Births [next page]

Marage of Danel LANDER and his wife
Maried Hannah Maria EATON
February 16th [year obliterated, might be 1831?]

Danniel LANDERS Borned 1824

Hannah Maria EATON borned March the 16th 1839
[year penciled over, possibly changed?]

John D. LANDERS borned
November the 29 1831
[year penciled over, possibly changed?]

Carline LANDERS borned
July the 10 1849

Borned August the 16th 1851

Jeffferson LANDERS
Borned February 16 1853

Borned April 5 1857

Borned December 23 1858


Mariann JOY
Dide Febuary the 18th 1858

Daniel LANDERS Dide June the 18 1861

Dide August
The 21 1851

Jefferson LANDERS died
Febuary the 3th 1868

Chauncey LANDERS
March 29 1900

Caroline E. JOY
Diede August
The 12th 1850

Hannah Viletty JOY
Diede January
The 18th 1868

George Nelson JOY
Dide September
The 24 1869

Nelson Elmer JOY
Dide May 21 1886

Dide January 30 1890

Died July the 13 1896

Died July 12 1925


The handwriting and erasures and tracings over make this bible very difficult to verify as to accuracy, however the compiler has attempted the best interpretation as able.

There is a George JOY age 22 a “Dyer” with a wife Polly, age not readable, in household of Chauncey EVANS in New Hartford, Oneida Co. NY on the 1850 census.

There is a George N. JOY age 33 a Laborer in household of John D. RANDALL in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY in 1860 census.

The Daniel and Hannah LANDERS family is on the 1860 census in Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY page 303.

This Family bible was purchased in 1989 at a Used Book shop in Schuylerville, NY.

Permission to reprint, copy or publish is given as long as attribution is given to
Dick Hillenbrand
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Anonymous said...

Wow what a great find, The Saunders Reynolds people relate to the JONES people of Petersbugh area. Data in Mabel's papers. Wish I could find her first 12 pages. Bennington Library only had the pages from 12 on to end. Susi Jones Pentico

unyg said...

Whoopee! I was hoping that these would help someone. I have owned these bibles for years and just came across the photocopied Family Records and title pages recently while sorting boxes of old papers that were in storage.
Thanks for the feedback.
Dick Hillenbrand

Anonymous said...

Hello People, I was on a holiday for a month just passing by read this interesting post its great to see that every thing here is getting more lively...thanks a lot for these keep them coming....

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