Tuesday, November 14, 2006

www.fultonhistory.com damaged! - Upstate New York Newspapers on-line FREE!

Readers will recall that I previously touted the marvelous newspaper database site of Tom Tryniski and listed some of the excellent newspapers that are on-line and fully searchable.
See: newspapers.

Well there has been a tragic attack on Tom's website as some person or persons attempted to steal massive amounts of automated data extraction and they not only crashed the system but destroyed it!

Tom's first announcements were very sad and disheartening to say the least, and it first sounded like this fabulous resource might go away forever, as the whole site is financed and operated totally by Tom alone with no outside help financially, or in effort. There has been a ground swell of messages of sympathy and support from many users of the system and Tom has been more upbeat in his messages and appreciates the favorable response for sure.

Tom's most recent message to me is shown here in part,
"I should be backup within a couple more days and thanks for the words of encouragement,
I can’t believe the tremendous quantity of emails I have received from people offering their support ….Its Things like that, that make all the work and expense worth it to me.
On a side note I will be adding more Syracuse newspapers around December, also you will start seeing Rochester, Boonville, and Moravia Newspapers starting next week."

It costs several thousand dollars to build a site like his, I know, and then it takes thousands of hours of continuous maintenance that are required to keep it running and to add new material. Here's the deal, and this was not at Tom's request, but just a little thing that we can do to offer our support. Send him a few bucks, and your thanks.

Tom Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York 13069

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy


Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

Good morning Dick,
I live in central Florida and have been trying desperately to find someone to dig out some obituaries from newspapers serving Dolgeville, Herkimer, and Little Falls, NY for a long time but there seems to be no local researchers in that area that I can find.
I have searched the index on the web page about Fulton County but so far have had no hits. I cannot find if all the local newspapers are on this list.
Do you know of someone in that area who I might pay to get some obituaries for me? I am not wanting a freebie. Please email me if you know- floridasearch@tampabay.rr.com
Thank you
Alvie L. Davidson

Geoff Brown said...

Dick --

I value your commentary on genealogy and local history in New York State, and, as a subscriber to your RSS feed, noticed that you had not posted to your blog since November.

I'm hoping that you silence reflects some wonderful thing you are about to spring on us and not that something has happened to you.

Please post SOMETHING and say that you are okay!

Geoff Brown

Anonymous said...

I am also from Central Florida and this site is so helpful I could not begin to know where to start Thanking you for it- I do not have the money to pay someone to search for obits or other records and that makes research very hard-If it were not for this site I would still be at a total loss of who my ancestors were-I have found mention of several of them and am very Thankful to Tom for his hard work-I do not have much money,but will try to send at least a few bucks-
Thank you so very much for this site
Peggy in Florida

Debbie said...

Fultonhistory.com is a wonderful resource. For some reason he has the Harlem Valley Times as well. I was able to find obituaries for three grandparents and much more about my parents' lives than I ever imagined. A cousin is interested in researching her father's family and I will recommend this site to her.