Monday, July 16, 2007

It is not too late to vote for NYG&B Society By-Laws permanent change.

The following message was sent to me and I am encouraging all readers to read carefully. Dick Hillenbrand -

Dear Concerned Members of the NYGBS:

We've been asked by many members if it's too late to change their proxy
votes to "no" or submit a proxy for the first time and have that vote
counted at the G&B's special meeting this Thursday, July 19.

It's not too late, and we can help. But you need to act right away by faxing
your proxy.


1) You have not yet sent in your proxy vote concerning the board's proposed
bylaws changes that will disenfranchise all members of the NYG&BS and
absolutely and forever empower a board of 15 to unilaterally make decisions
about the NYG&B's assets and future,

2) You have voted but want to change your vote and/or want to change the
person to whom you give your proxy to cast your vote,

You can still do so. Here's how.

Having consulted with counsel, we have been advised that you can fax your
proxies to one of us or to another member for submission at the meeting. If
we're to carry your vote, we must receive your proxy by fax no later than
8:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 19, in order to take it to the G&B's special meeting
held at the Society at noon that day.

Heres what to do if you want one of us to carry your proxy to the meeting
to be counted:

1. Log into the Members Area at
2. Download a proxy, available in the Members Area at
3. Cross off the name of George McNeely IV (his name appears in two
places) and substitute one of our names. (Leslie Corn or Roger D. Joslyn.)
4. Indicate your vote, YES or NO, about the proposed bylaws changes.
5. Sign and date the proxy.
6. If you voted previously and are changing your vote and/or designating one
of us to submit your proxy, so indicate on your new proxy.
Suggested wording: "This proxy replaces my proxy previously submitted and
alters the prior vote."
7. Fax your new proxy toll-free to 1-888-667-1464. No cover sheet is needed.

If you provide an email address, we will confirm receipt of your fax.

If you want another member who is also attending the meeting to carry your
proxy, then follow the same procedure and fax to that person.

Of course, in lieu of the above, you can attend the meeting and vote there.

A big thanks to all members who are concerned about the G&B's future.

Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FGBS, FASG

Leslie Corn, CG, FGBS

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