Monday, January 14, 2008

Palatine DNA Project Announced

A brand new website announces a brand new project to attempt to connect relatives of a very old immigrant group.

Family Tree DNA is a well known genetic testing company and they have just announced that there will be a mass effort to collect DNA samples and analyze them to provide test results to show relationships to the 1710 Palatine German migration groups that were split up and sent to various English colonies.

Henry Z. Jones (Hank) has presented an enormous amount of genealogical evidence through his famous books on The Palatine Germans of New York, as well as his work on the group of Palatines that were sent to Ireland, with some of those later also coming to America.

Doris Wheeler, Palatine DNA Project administrator, is the contact person for the Palatine DNA Project and her contact information may be found on the website at:

A full explanation of how the testing will be done and the comparisons are made are quite well defined on the website. Upstate New York is heavily populated by descendants of this some 847 family groups that came to the Hudson River Valley in 1710.

Quoted in part from a public announcement on a mail list: "Not only can participants learn about their connections to Germany but they will also learn about their very deep roots, the path their ancestors took out of Africa many thousands of years ago that led them eventually to Germany."

If any of you readers wish to participate in this study please check the website out fully as there are a lot of questions and answers presented to help you understand this project.

Please direct all of your personal questions to Doris Wheeler, and as always your comments are very welcome here on this Blog by clicking on the word "comments" at the bottom of this Upstate New York Genealogy Blog message and posting your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support! I truly hope our project will make a significant contribution to both our genealogy and history.

Great blog, great website!I use it often.

Doris Wheeler

Anonymous said...

Your Palantine Blog with the FTDNA web site URL where Doris Wheeler present Palantine data does not come up by clicking on it or copying and pasting it in the address bar.

Would appreciate a good link.



unyg said...


Thanks for letting us know about this.

Can't imagine how that got by the writers, the proof readers, the editorial committee, and the publisher. I'm thinking heads will roll.

Just joking of course. It's fixed now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. My husbands family are from there although they would
not except the fact. Like many from WWII era it wasn't popular to be German
. Of course being from the Penn. "Dutch" country didn't help cause they said
they were from Holland but we know it really should be "Deutch" or in
english "German"..Things like this can hinder a persons reseach.


Anonymous said...

I am very excited about the Palatine DNA sampling project. I can trace my ancestors back to the original migration in 1710, but would love to know more.
Thanks for alerting me to this possibility.

Ruth Kuchinad
Peterborough, ON, Canada

Anonymous said...

“I am a descendant of German Palatine ancestors who went to Schoharie (some to Stone Arabia in Montgomery County) New York in the Palatine group that was to work producing tar and turpentine for the Royal Navy. Actually the immigrant ancestor [Johann Philip SIXT], born in Marienfels, Hesse-Nassau, Germany in 1656, died on the NY-bound ship in 1709/10.

They went from Schoharie to Frederick Co., Maryland and to Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Then my branch [John Conrad SIXT\SYKES\SIX] moved from Washington County, PA to Bath and other counties in KY – and eventually to Rush and Shelby Counties, Indiana.

I will think about participating in this DNA study.


unyg said...

To my friends and readers of the Upstate New York Genealogy Blog, I want to tell you about something exciting that happened in my genealogical pursuit due to this Blog entry discussing Palatine DNA.

I have an ancestor that was a Methodist Circuit Rider Preacher, Rev. Denton KEELER, (see more about him on His male line died out many years ago, (or so I thought.)

So I got hunting through modern resources and lo and behold I found a great grandson of his that died just a few years ago, and he was in the direct KEELER line! With the help of a very kind lady named Barb Stevens, I obtained his obit, found his son's name, tracked him down and WE ARE NOW SHARING GENEALOGIES!


I strongly suspect this family belongs SOMEWHERE in the Palatine group, but that's another story.

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note, my cousin Gerald Hamm in NYS has kindly volunteered to send in a swab for the Palatine DNA project. And that was all due to what I read on your NYS blog - good going, Dick!

unyg said...


Most kind of you to let us know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dick,
Thank you for reposting this link. Our project is growing by leaps and bounds, and I have great hopes for it. Your blog has been a great help -- in this and so many other ways.


unyg said...

Nice to hear of your success Doris. Please feel free to update us here through comments, or send to me directly and I will post another Blog message.

Keep in touch.