Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cuba Libre ! - Fidel Castro Resigns !


The only connection to Upstate New York that this short post has is that I remember like it was yesterday, the night that some friends and I were celebrating New Year's Eve at the Hotel Syracuse in the 50's, and the music stopped, the band leader announced "Fidel Castro has taken control of Cuba!"

Yeah! Hoorah! Cuba Libre's all around, (coke, lime juice and rum,) and we all cheered the night away...

Little did we know, our closest beautiful little friendly island paradise was headed for fifty years of despot controlled misery and would be shunned by all free thinking people.

Well let's try it again, "Cuba Libre !" Let's hope the future becomes much brighter for one of our nearest beautiful neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

"fifty years of despot controlled misery and would be shunned by all free thinking people."

That is total bunk. Literacy, healthcare, housing, are just of a few of things that "free thinking" American corporations and their gangster dictator Batista kept from the Cuban people for 60 years before Fidel.

Last I checked Cuba had a much better health care system than the US and a large tourist industry dependent on most Western European countries and Canada.

Stick to selling family history.

unyg said...

Thank you very much; ms.,mrs., mr. amorphous "Anonymous". I appreciate comments on any of the unyg Blog postings. You are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. We do live in America, a free country, where that is still allowed. I doubt that you would be afforded that same opportunity under communism which you seem to favor. Gee, I don't remember "selling" family history. I think every single bit of information that people read on any of my websites or Blogs is totally Free.

Dick Hillenbrand