Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This is it - We Have Moved Our Blog!

This time it really happened.

We are now live with the new UNYG Blog.

Many of our long time Blogger Blog readers might not have ever even see the official Upstate New York Genealogy website at but that site was built and has a ton of information on it for NY State genealogy research and it was created before this Blog was on Google's Blogger platform.

We were lucky when we set up the main website that the four letter domain name was available and it should make it very easy to remember because Upstate New York Genealogy =

Now the new Blog is just an extension of the main website and all future Blog posts will be on the new site at

When you go to the new site remember to use either the RSS or the email the subscribe method to be kept informed of all future posts on the new UNYG Blog. There are thousands of people subscribed to the old Blog but in order to be assured that you will know of new posts you should subscribe again, and of course as with all of our posts and writings, it is FREE!

A big thak you to all of our readers and we look forward to servicg you all with many new pieces of information to help you find those pesky Upstate New Yor ancestors.

Dick Hillenbrand

You may experience a few glitches for a few days until we fumigate all the bugs but it will work perfectly after a little while.

Thanks for reading.

Come visit us at the new Blog site and please leave comments or ask questions.

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