Monday, October 10, 2005

HOWARD, Rochester, NY City Directories,

Working some on my HOWARD families that went west. Hiram HOWARD's youngest son, Alonzo ended up in a military home in Malibu, California on the 1920 census, so he probably served in the Civil War, likely from Illinois. Needs further research.

Some of the early Rochester, NY City Directories are now on-line at This is such a GREAT resource! You can compare some of the facts that you have gleaned from census and other sources with names, occupations, business locations and residences. It helps to flesh out a family picture quite well. I hope other cities take the lead and do the same thing.

Using the Rochester Directories I have been adding details to some of the President George BUSH ancestors, descendants of Dr. Sanford SMITH, of Cambridge, Washington Co., NY., and Scipio, Cayuga Co. Sanford SMITH resided “immediately” across the street from my ancestor Seth CHASE of Cambridge/White Creek and I have been working on the BUSH family ancestors now for about 15 years or so. I believe I have a pretty good handle on Sanford SMITH's wife, Priscilla (WHIPPO) [not WHIPPLE,] as many researchers have reported in error. If anyone else is working on these people I would be happy to correspond.

The newspaper archives and FindUSA on continue to be extremely helpful. Godfrey is the absolute best genealogical investment on the web.


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