Friday, October 28, 2005

Computer Crash, LEGACY notes gone, FastStone Image Editor, Abel HOWARD, Jr., NYS Civil War Research

Had some very unusual computer problems. The Internet became extremely slow, I could not flip between multiple programs that I had running, and the whole operation became very sluggish. I ran every type of malware utilities that I own, such as AVG Anti-virus, AdAware, SPYBOT Search and Destroy, Pest Patrol, and probably some others that I do not remember, but nothing seemed to fix it.

Then I had a real scare. I was working on my main genealogy program LEGACY, and noticed that ALL of my notes were gone! 20,000 people and most all of the entries have some type of note attached, GONE! Yikes!

So I went on the LEGACY Users Group and asked the question and received five very good, common sense approaches to fix the problem. One was to save the file under a different name and then check it, nope, one said make a GEDCOM and look at the gobbledy gook of the GEDCOM with a text editor, and yes the notes were there in the GEDCOM so I calmed down a little.

Another said reload the GEDCOM under a different name, nope, still no notes. The one that finally did it was to do a “System Restore” to an earlier date. I never thought of that but I should have because I actually am one of the few people that deliberately create a System Restore point periodically, especially after some major overhaul, or new bunch of program entries. WINDOZE XP does make automatic periodic restore points, not every day, but quite often, so I restored to a couple of days previous and that did the trick.

I still do not know why the system got corrupted, and I made three good LEGACY program back-ups right away, one on the hard drive and two on CD-ROMs, one of which I store off-site. I urge ALL readers to do the same VERY often!

I just installed FastStone Image Viewer which is a free image editor program that looks quite promising and has some very handy edit utilities, and the part I like best is the ease of titling photos and scans, categorizing them and adding copious notes and comments. These images can then be exported into LEGACY with all of the notes attached. Have not used it much but expect to in the next few weeks.

Just got an email from the Whitley County, Indiana Record Center that they have Abel HOWARD Jr.s Guardianship file and will photocopy it and send me a copy for $16.00. Will send for the copies because I do not have too much info on Abel Jr. who on the 1860 and 1870 census called himself “Abraham”.

Have added a new page to my website for people interested in doing Civil War research in New York State. Check it out, down at the bottom left column of choices.


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