Saturday, October 29, 2005

DSL Yeah!, DIRECWAY boo, Old Cambridge District

Well the greatest news in a while is that I finally have DSL installed. We live in a very remote area and having been spoiled for many years with a Road Runner cable ISP, the best thing that was available in this area was a satellite Internet connection. It was OK, but kind of clunky. There is a delay on every connection or message due to the distance that the signal has to travel to the satellite and then to return to earth.

The telephone company here has been pushing for new DSL customers and I was thrilled to hear that it was available. The installer came a day earlier than scheduled and just left the kit off with a note that I could try to install it myself or he would return if needed. Oh the other unusual thing is that their tech support people actually ARE available 24/7, and they are here in New York State, and speak ENGLISH! Go figure.

It took about twenty minutes to hook everything up, load the software, sign on, and voila VERY high speed, no delays and on all the time. I could not cancel my DIRECWAY account soon enough! This is way cool. Blazingly fast and no disconnects.

All email from now on should go to , so if you have me in your address book with some other email address please change it.

I sent out a broadcast to a few Upstate NY county mailing lists today and was pleasantly surprised with the massive amount of hits that my website received. I am now in contact with a lady who has done extensive work on some of the families of the Old Cambridge District, my most near and dear project, and we will be sharing quite a lot of data on families that I am quite familiar with, but not related to, (yet). \grin/

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