Sunday, October 30, 2005

New website traffic, OCD

There are many ways to increase traffic on websites and I have begun to send broadcast emails to many of the rootsweb news groups that I subscribe to. It is amazing how a simple little notice of the fact that I have put new information on the site brings hundreds of new visitors per day.

I generally send out about 10 messages and the website gets seen by many more visitors and many of them have already made some very good contributions of new material that ties in to work I have been doing. Meet new friends and relatives, just get a website and try it. I pay for the Premium version at to have my own domain name and some special features, but there are many other good website providers that will also give you space absolutely FREE! Do a search and select a vendor. Their “canned” templates are very easy to use and you will have a lot of fun.

Through the latest broadcast I am now in touch with a lady in Utah who's ancestors lived in my favorite area of study, the Old Cambridge District, located at the South East corner of Washington County, NY. I like to call it “Grandma Moses Country”, because if you have ever seen any of her art work that depicts old time country scenes from those communities, it still looks quite like that today in many places.

I'll be trading data with her and several other new contacts. Remember that the capsule version of the genealogies I have on the website are stripped down versions of just names, dates and places. I do have the full version available with many notes and all sources cited that I am pleased to share with anyone who connects to these people.

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