Monday, October 31, 2005

NYS Census for Jefferson Co., Researchers Gathering Summer 2006 in Washington County

Received a note from a lady in Jefferson county, who informed me that some of the New York State census for the years 1825, 1835 and 1855 for Jefferson county do exist. She said the 1825 & 1835 names are on index cards at the Flower Library in Watertown, with the originals probably in the possession of the County Clerk, and the 1855 is on microfilm also at the County Clerk's Office. This is great to know because I had previously searched the LDS Library catalog and the NYS Library catalog and did not locate them listed.

If anyone knows anything at all about the existence of any more State Census, I would appreciate hearing about it and I will update my listings. I know for a fact that some parts of some of the early state census do exist in historical societies, libraries and other types of archives, but most of them are incomplete and have never been microfilmed or cataloged, so it would be very helpful to know about any remnants of the manuscripts. Hey if it is YOUR ancestor that is on just one of these scraps it could be a very important piece of information.

I have just added a note to the section titled “Researchers Gathering”. This is in regard to a possible get together for a few days in Washington Co., NY., in August, 2006. Check the website for further details.

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