Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lost Hunter, Website Traffic, Brick Walls, Early Internet, Other Nice Folks Mentioning this Website and BLOG.

OK, so it has nothing to do with genealogy, but if anyone wants to hear my story about getting lost while deer hunting today, send me a note and if I get more than 5 requests I'll BLOG it. \grin/

Boy the website traffic has increased GREATLY! Thank you to all you visitors, even if you are the silent type, I appreciate your taking the time to read some of my rants.

I love to hear from readers and can some times even come up with an idea or two that has not been tried yet on those “brick wall” problems. Last night I got an email from a man looking for a first cousin in the Syracuse area, and all I had to go on was his name and that he was or had been a CPA. With modern day resources, SSDI, and newspapers on-line, I was able to find him in about twenty minutes!

I LOVE the Internet. I remember back when it first started, I tried to bribe a college official ( friend of mine) to let me have a university account and I would give them a collection of historical materials worth $5,000 for their Rare Book Library. He actually considered it but was worried that someone would flag the account because it would have been out of state, and that he would get in trouble.

Man I could not subscribe soon enough when dial up became available, and then when cable modems started being talked about I started calling my cable service company and bugging them every week until they acquiesced and put me on the “list”. I became a BETA tester for Road Runner, and was the 6th person in Syracuse to get it.

My how things have changed in such a short while.

This site has been recently put on Cyndi's List, Darci's List, and genealogyblog.com and I received a very nice note from the head of the Genealogy Department at the Rochester Library thanking me for mentioning their ongoing project of posting the Rochester City Directories on-line, and they are working on much MORE to come!.


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