Friday, November 11, 2005

Logo, Seth CHASE, Book Reviews, Free Lookups

Have been working quite a lot with Steve Gorney on the new website design and we now have a LOGO! It is way cool and says it all. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

JOOMLA! Is very intuitive to enter data in and this is going to be a first rate website.

Stay tuned…

More family connections keep coming in and it is sort of hard to keep up, not complaining, just busy. So if I owe you an answer on something please bear with me, or send me a reminder.

There is new information to add to my Descendants of Seth CHASE file from a lady that sent me a nice connection to the BULL / DORR / SILL / HYDE families. This will be all new stuff to me and I will be accumulating and documenting it all as best I can in my genealogy program. I will publish an update later.

I’m going to start a new section on the website for book reviews. These will be from books that I own, or that have been sent to me by publishers to write a review for.

Received a very nice offer from Dave Rowell, (djrpublic 'at' cfl.rr 'dot' com) [note that I put his email address in a text format to reduce spam, just insert the proper characters,] who has several good Onondaga County and Baldwinsville, Lysander, Van Buren area books that he is willing to do look ups for people. If you do contact him please be patient and polite, he will be doing you a service for free and will continue as long as it does not get overwhelming.

Here is a copy of his message to me:

“I own and would be willing to perform look-ups from these Upstate NY
related books:

"History of Baldwinsville", Edith Hall, 1936 (unindexed) reprinted July
1982; November 1990 by McHarrie's Legacy

"Early History of the Town of Van Buren, Onondaga County, New York",
Louis Dow Scisco, W. F. Morris Publishing Co, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 1895
reprinted 1995 by Beauchamp Historical Club with index additions

"The Lesley E. Voorhees Records Volume 1 - Van Buren - Baldwinsville -
Lysander Area Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records" Copied and
compiled by Lesley E. Voorhees Edited by Alice Laughlin Arneson
published by History's People, Inc, 216 Hampton Road, Syracuse, New York

"Atlas of Onondaga County N.Y.", 1874, Walker Bros. & Co., 36 Vesley
Street, New York subtitled " From Recent and Actual Surveys and Records
Under the Superintendence of Homer D. L. Sweet, Syracuse, N. Y." (has
names of residents on many of the individual buildings).”

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