Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nesletter and Subscribers - LINUX

Still receiving many kind words about the Newsletter and thank you very much to all that take the time to write.

More subscribers keep coming in all the time, so we will try to do some more mailings in groups as they accumulate. If you get a duplicate mailing please advise us because that means we have your address in multiple databases which we do not want to do if possible. Next month’s mailing should go smoother because we have a plan for a better system.

Hey we live, we learn…

We had a notice from one subscriber that is using LINUX ubuntu operating system, that he having some formatting problems while viewing the website. We do not know exactly what to do about this at this time because we know nothing about LINUX and can not test it. The website was designed with JOOMLA! On Windows based machines and we have tested it with Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer, various versions of some of the previous, and even on a Mac. Everything seems to look fine to us.

If any readers are experiencing any glitches while viewing our website it would be very helpful if you would please let us know and we will try look into it.


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