Monday, December 05, 2005

Read What Others Are Saying, (I'm Blushing)

First Newsletter Response Comments:

“Your newsletter is excellent. Thank you.” – Joyce

“I got the newsletter fine. Thank you for your efforts.” – Jim

“Arrived yesterday. All OK. Great start...keep it up.” – Asa

“Hi - came through without a problem, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about Washington County than I ever thought I wanted to know!” – Fred

“Am delighted to find your newsletter. I have been working on Delaware Co. where my grandmother was born… I have been doing genealogy for many years, but not much in recent years. Your enthusiasm inspires me to find time to get at it again.” – Prudence

“Yes, I did receive the excellent newsletter and am happy to be a part of this list.” – Phyllis

“Thank you so much for your newsletter. I have the best feeling that through your newsletter, I will be able to break down some of the brick walls that end in New York State. I am keeping each of your newsletters to read over and over.” - Sheila

“Just read your first newsletter. Wow, just had to say thanks for all of your efforts. Looking forward to more.” – Scott

“I just discovered your remarkable Upstate New York website. It is wonderful that you have the patience to record all of that essential genealogy material for the rest of us.” - Bob

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