Saturday, December 03, 2005

Newsletter has been published and emailed out! - William Dollarhide's "New York State Censuses & Substitutes."

Well it’s not exactly easy… To publish a Newsletter that is.

I thought it would be just type the thing up in WORD, cut and paste it to an email and send it out to the many hundreds of subscribers that agreed to opt in. Nope, ain’t that easy. First of all, the subscription box on the webpage is all automated; it records the name and email, sends the welcome letter and the confirmation link. Now the system is waiting to have the Newsletter component inserted into the mailer program in HTML format. Well that is not exactly WORD, if you know what I mean.

Most everything would work OK until we got to the Index to the 1846 Manuscript Tax List for the Town of Vernon, Oneida County, NY. The table that was created when I did the index in EXCEL just did not want to format and be nice. We worked on it pretty much all day and after becoming totally frustrated, decided to extract all of the email addresses and send the Newsletter out in WORD with the bulk mail feature to multiple undisclosed recipients. I hope it works.

The Manuscript Tax List will be scanned and put up on the website as JPEG images and will be available to all “Confirmed” Subscribers. More manuscripts will be forthcoming in future Newsletters.

I expect to get several questions, complaints, and comments from the subscribers because the mailing just seems clunky, at best. There is the possibility that many of you will find the Newsletter in your SPAM box. If this happens you should mark it “Not SPAM” and go into what ever contraption of software that you are using and allow it to come in from now on.

If it accidentally arrived in your email box and was unwanted, please accept this advance apology. This is the very first time that we have attempted to do such a mailing and I suspect it will take a little while to iron out the bugs. We will gladly remove anyone’s address that does not wish to receive the Newsletter.

Hey, it’s volume one, number one, what do you want from me?

You should definitely check out the Book Review for William Dollarhide’s excellent new book onNew York State Censuses and Substitutes”, on our website

I will Blog more about this “MUST HAVE” book at another time.

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